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How it works

Insourcing is like a like having a temp in your workplace but with so many more benefits.
  • A OneHR professional works with you in your office – you choose the days, hours and duration. One to five days a week, three months, six months, twelve months. You decide what is best for you.
  • OneHR strive to know, understand and be "in" your business. Once we all agree on your requirements, your OneHR professional will get to work – having unlimited access to OneHR forms, templates, policies, documents and intel that can be adapted to suit your business.
  • We want our people making a difference in your business through the key HR functions whilst adding value or return on investment to your business.

Here's a snapshot of how it will help you


If you were to source and engage an employee on your payroll, you would be paying:

·          Salary or wage – $55,000 to $65,000 (as an example)

·          Oncosts – superannuation, insurances, tax – add another $10,000

·          Then accounting for employee entitlements; four weeks annual leave and two weeks personal leave


This would be a total of around $70,000 to $80,000 a year investment and you still have to train them, plan for holidays and hope they work out!


When you engage a OneHR Insourcing resource to fit your business:

·          You pay an agreed amount per month – no more!

·          Your time will be saved by not having to search for suitable candidates to fill such a key role in your organisation.

·          You get access to an experienced HR Manager to audit, consult and plan with your business and co-manage your expectations.

·          You get access to OneHR leading industry resources such as policies, procedures, forms, letters, templates and other documents.

·          You can terminate the contract at any point or have a resource replaced or modified. For example, hours may need to be reduced to suit your cashflow or budget, or there may be a period of time with no HR services being required.


OR – try before you buy:

·          Additionally, you can try before you buy. If you really like our resource and they like you, you can employ them in your business for a fixed cost.


The benefits to your business are massive. You have the flexibility of an inhouse resource who fits your needs and budget, plus you have access to an experienced HR Manager to help guide you and your business!

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